The Christmas Tree Peg Board - Freestanding
The Christmas Tree Peg Board - Freestanding
The Christmas Tree Peg Board - Freestanding

The Christmas Tree Peg Board - Freestanding

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Introducing our Festive Christmas Tree Peg Board: Spread Holiday Joy at Craft Fairs, Shops, Markets, and Your Home!

Bring the spirit of the season to life with our Christmas Tree-shaped Free-Standing Peg Board. This enchanting dual-sided display is not only perfect for showcasing products but also serves as a delightful alternative Christmas décor piece for your home.

Features and Benefits:

Festive Design: The Christmas Tree shape instantly infuses any space with holiday magic. It becomes a focal point that captures attention and adds a festive touch to your displays or home décor.

Dual-Sided Display: With two sides to showcase your creativity, you have endless possibilities to arrange products and festive decorations. Maximize visibility and create captivating displays that will enchant customers or guests.

Versatile Shelves and Pegs: The adjustable shelves and pegs offer flexibility for displaying both products and festive décor. Hang ornaments, stockings, garlands, or even small wreaths on the pegs, while using the shelves to showcase holiday-themed items, candles, or small gifts.

Easy Assembly and Portability: Our Free-Standing Peg Board is designed for convenience. It's easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport, making it ideal for craft fairs, shops, markets, or to add a festive touch to different rooms in your home.

Personalisation Options: Make your Christmas Tree Peg Board uniquely yours by adding personal touches. Paint it in traditional holiday colours, hang ornaments that reflect your style, or even attach small lights for a sparkling effect. Let your imagination run wild and create a truly magical display.

Ideas for Usage:

Christmas Craft Fairs and Markets: Stand out from the crowd with a captivating display. Showcase handmade ornaments, holiday-themed crafts, or unique gifts on both sides of the Christmas Tree Peg Board. It will catch the eye of potential customers and create a festive atmosphere.

Festive Shops: Transform your shop into a winter wonderland. Use the pegs to hang festive accessories, jewellery, or small gift items, while the shelves can display candles, holiday décor, or specialty products. Create a joyful shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

Festive Home Décor: Add a touch of holiday magic to your home. Place the Christmas Tree Peg Board in your living room or entryway. Hang favourite ornaments, family stockings, or small festive décor pieces on the pegs. Use the shelves to display cherished holiday items or create a mini gift wrapping station.

Elevate your Christmas countdown with our Festive Christmas Tree Peg Board, transformed into a personalized Advent Calendar! Let your creativity shine as you customize this dual-sided display with advent bags or envelopes. Hang them from the pegs, each filled with a special surprise for every day leading up to Christmas. Use the shelves to showcase holiday-themed decorations or add small gifts to create an extra element of excitement. With its versatile design, our Advent Calendar Peg Board allows you to make it uniquely yours, capturing the joy and anticipation of the season. Get ready for a memorable and enchanting countdown experience for the whole family or to delight customers in your retail space.

Hand and machine crafted in the UK using sustainable plywood. Shelves are hand crafted using recycled plywood.

Each board, peg and shelf are totally unique due to the natural wood and is custom made.

Due to the laser cutting process, the peg boards have a dark contrast within the holes and outer areas. If transferred onto the pegs, this can easily be removed with a light sanding or wiping with a damp cloth. This is a natural aesthetic of the peg board.

What's in the box:
1 x Tree Peg Board
2 x Stands
10 x Hard Wood Pegs
2 x Large Shelf

Image shows variation.

Dimensions 100cm High, Width 60cms (at widest point)

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