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Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!
Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!
Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!
Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!
Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!

Campervan Peg Board - The Wander Board!

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Introducing the WanderBoard: Your Adventure-Inspired Camper Van Peg Board!

Are you ready to infuse your love of campers with a touch of wanderlust and Scandinavian design inspiration? Look no further than the WanderBoard - the ultimate shelving and display solution for adventurous souls like yourself!

Crafted with love for all those who seek to explore, the WanderBoard is more than just a peg board; it's a canvas for your wildest dreams. This peg board will transform your wall into a haven of style and organisation.

With its pegs and shelves, the WanderBoard allows you to hang and display your cherished home items effortlessly. Showcase your collection of travel mementos, from seashells collected on exotic beaches to antique compasses that have guided you on countless adventures. Arrange your favourite books, stacked neatly alongside camping guides and maps, inspiring you for the next journey ahead. Hang your cosiest blankets and scarves, ready to keep you warm during chilly nights spent under the starry skies.

The WanderBoard doesn't just bring order; it celebrates the spirit of exploration. Each glance at your beautifully arranged belongings will ignite a sense of wanderlust and remind you of the incredible adventures that lie ahead. Let the WanderBoard be your constant companion, a visual reminder of the memories you've made and the journeys that await.

So, whether you're planning a cross-country road trip, embarking on a thrilling off-grid escapade, or simply yearning to infuse your space with a hint of adventure, the WanderBoard is here to elevate your home! It's time to organise, display, and inspire with the WanderBoard - because life is too short for ordinary shelves!

Get ready to embark on an adventure with the WanderBoard. Order yours today and let your camper van become an oasis of wanderlust and organisation!

The campervan peg board can be configured in a range of combinations using the wooden pegs and shelves. Making it super practical and versatile.

Hand and machine crafted in the UK using sustainable birch and poplar plywood.  The shelves are made with recycled birch plywood.

Each board, peg and shelf is totally unique due to the natural wood and is custom made.

Please allow 7-14 days for delivery. I will try to dispatch your board as quickly as possible, please pop me a message if you need it urgently. I will always try to help to speed things along.

What's in the box:
1 x Camper Peg Board
10 x Hard Wood Pegs
1 x Small Shelf
1 x Large Shelf
Wall fittings

Dimensions 890mm x 439mm x 15mm

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