Pine Cone Table Peg Board
Pine Cone Table Peg Board
Pine Cone Table Peg Board
Pine Cone Table Peg Board
Pine Cone Table Peg Board
Pine Cone Table Peg Board

Pine Cone Table Peg Board

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Introducing the Pine Cone Smorgasbord Table Peg Board – the ultimate tablescaping accessory to elevate your festive feasts and parties!

Get ready to create stunning and unique table displays that will leave your guests in awe.

This free-standing pine cone peg board is not only a beautiful centrepiece but also a versatile storage solution for your home. It can be placed on any flat surface and boasts a dual-sided design, giving you double the space to showcase your favourite items.

With the Pine Cone Peg Board's range of configurations using wooden pegs and shelves, you can effortlessly personalise and organize your displays. Whether you're hanging baubles, displaying cakes, or showcasing cherished trinkets, this peg board offers endless possibilities to suit your style and needs.

Handcrafted and machine-crafted in the UK, this peg board is made with sustainability in mind. Using premium, sustainable birch and poplar plywood for its construction, and recycled birch plywood for the shelves, it's a conscious choice for eco-savvy individuals.

Embrace the natural beauty of the wood, as each board, peg, and shelf is entirely unique, ensuring that your Pine Cone Peg Board is one-of-a-kind.  

Due to the laser cutting process, the peg boards have a dark contrast within the holes and outer areas. If transferred onto the pegs, this can easily be removed with a light sanding or wiping with a damp cloth.  This is a natural aesthetic of the peg boards.

Let your creativity flourish as you incorporate the warm neutrals and warm minimalism into your home decor, transforming any space into a haven of natural inspiration.

Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

What's in the box:
1 x Pine Cone Peg Board with integral stand 
15 x Hard Wood Pegs
2 x Small Shelves
2 x Large Shelves 

 Dimensions 380mm x 260mm x 15mm

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