How to...

Hang your peg board 

The hanging peg board has been fitted with a wood hook, known as a French cleat fitting.
You will find the wall wood hook enclosed within your package.
Please proceed to line this up on your wall and using the screws and wall plugs attach this to the wall.
The wall fitting should be in the upward position so that when the peg board is lined up on the wall it will slot onto the wood piece.

About your peg board

We hope you enjoy using your peg board as much as we enjoyed making it! 
Due to the cutting process of your board there will be a dark coating that can transfer onto the pegs. This can easily be cleaned using a wipe or a damp cloth.
Each peg board is as unique as you are due to the nature of the wood used. The shelves are made using recycled plywood and vary per peg board.

Please get in touch if we can help with anything!

The Pegboarders Team