Jigsaw Peg Board

Jigsaw Peg Board

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For offices, man caves, she sheds and kids rooms! The Jigsaw Peg Board is a simple, sustainable, adaptable wall storage. Suitable to hang anywhere around your homeor business.

The Jigsaw peg board can be configured in a range of combinations using the wooden pegs and shelves. Making it super practical and versatile.

Hand and machine crafted in the UK using sustainable birch & poplar plywood and natural oils to help to preserve the wood. The shelves are made using recycled birch plywood.

Each board, peg and shelf is totally unique due to the natural wood and is custom made.

Please allow 7-14 days for delivery. I will try to dispatch your board as quickly as possible, please pop me a message if you need it urgently. I will always try to help to speed things along.

Height 50cm x Width 62cms

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